May 13

Ways That SEO Is Different In 2014 vs. 2013

It’s a new year (well already half way through it anyway) and when it comes to marketing chatter nothing is as controversial as SEO. No matter whether you’re a black hatter, white hatter, or paid search person it’s always good to know what is going on in the online world. I thought I’d touch on a few of the changes in seo since 2013.

Search engine optimization is a constantly shifting field, as the still-young Internet continues to adapt itself to the needs of its users. As is now common with any Internet business, the rules are quickly changing, usually at the same pace at which technology and tech culture advances onwards. Maintaining your website’s valuable position in the SEO scheme of modern search engines is as important as ever, and doing so requires a few minor changes to the way your site is indexed by the engines.

Social Media Is For More Than Just Networking – The only adage, “Content is king” still holds true, but the continued emergence of social media into the lives of people worldwide is being felt throughout all civilized, technological societies – not just SEO agencies. Social media increases the ability for links and content sharing to take place on a wide scale, and holds a platform for viral content to influence not just people, but the search engine indexing of your website.

Search engine optimization in the year 2014 is, and will continue to be, influenced heavily by your website’s ranking among the most popular social media websites. If you provide content that is heavily linked and shared through any of the major social media platforms – Facebook or Twitter, for example, then you can bet that Google’s crawlers will take notice and place you higher on related relevant search results.

Meta Keywords Are Officially Dead – This one has been in the works since 2009, when Google announced that they will begin to phase out their relevance as a result of continued manipulative abuse by website owners and content creators. As of 2014, meta keywords play no part in the relevance of your website or its content and can be safely and dutifully ignored.

Video Content Is Becoming More Important – The ability for automatic search engine crawlers to determine the content of video files is growing, and their newfound capacities will continue to become more relevant to the SEO algorithms of the major search engines.

More and more people are searching for services and products that matter to them on small mobile devices where text is uncomfortable to read, and will continue to move towards content that offers them a quick, easy and entertaining solution. Video content offers that solution, and the search engine algorithms are moving slowly but surely towards the recognition of the contribution they provide.

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